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Chair of Environmental Meteorology

2018 - Forests under water stress

January to November 2018 was the hottest and driest 11-month period in Germany since the beginning of instrumental records. This mast operated by the Chair of Environmental Meteorology recorded the impact of this year's record weather on the energy and radiation exchange of a severely drought-damaged forest stand.

Methane emissions in the Canadian Arctic

In the Mackenzie River Delta in Canada we explore how Arctic plants and soils respond to climate change. At this station, operated in summer 2017, methane emissions that escape from thawing permafrost were measured.

40% wind energy for Germany

A recent study published by the Chair of Environmental Meteorology demonstrates that 40 percent of current energy needs in Germany could be met by wind energy alone by the year 2030 using optimal placement and renewal of wind turbines. Read press release...

Measurements with the Meteobike

Our students in the minor "Meteorology and Climatology" mapped the urban heat island of Freiburg using mobile, self-assembled weather stations on bikes. Read press release...

Workshop on wind-tree interactions

The Chair of Environmental Meteorology hosts the Workshop on Open-grown and Urban Trees between 7 and 10 April 2019.

The Chair of Environmental Meteorology is part of the Institute of Earth and Environmental Sciences an the Institute of Forest Sciences in the Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources.

Our research activities focus on micrometeorology and land-atmosphere interactions. We study the dynamics of near-surface airflow and turbulence and measure and model the exchange of energy, water and trace gases between complex land surfaces (forests, cities) and the atmosphere.

In teaching, we offer a B.Sc. minor in Meteorology and Climatology (in German) and we are involved in various M.Sc. degree programs in the broader field of Environmental Sciences (selected programs in English).