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Publications 2011

Endler C, Matzarakis A, 2011: Analysis of high resolution simulations from the Black Forest region from a point of view of tourism climatology - a comparison between two regional climate models (REMO and CLM). Theor. Appl. Climatol., 103: 427-440. 

Endler C, Matzarakis A, 2011: Climatic and tourism in the Black Forest during the warm season. Int. J. Biometeor., 55: 173-186.

Endler C, Matzarakis A, 2011: Climatic potential for tourism in the Black Forest - Winter season. Int. J. Biometeor., 55: 339-351.

Fröhlich D, Matzarakis A, 2011: Hitzestress und Stadtplanung - Am Beispiel des ''Platz der alten Synagoge'' in Freiburg im Breisgau. Gefahrstoffe - Reinhaltung der Luft, 71: 333-338.

Hämmerle M, Gal T, Unger J, Matzarakis A, 2011: Comparison of models calculating the Sky View Factor used for urban climate investigations. Theor. Appl. Climatol., 105: 521-527.

Hämmerle M, Gal T, Unger J, Matzarakis A, 2011: Introducing a script for calculating the sky view factor used for urban climate investigations. Acta Climatologica et Chorologica, 44-45: 333-338.

Grigorieva E, Matzarakis A, 2011: Physiologically equilavent temperature as a factor for tourism in extreme climate regions in the Russian Far East: Preliminary results. European J. of Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation, 3: 127-142.

Helbig M, de Freitas CR, Matzarakis A, 2011: Derivation of a climatic dataset for water balance modelling of Pacific atolls. Meteorologische Zeitschrift, 20: 565-570.

Hwang RL, Matzarakis A, Lin TP, 2011: Seasonal effect of urban street shading on long-term outdoor thermal comfort. Building and Environment, 46: 863-870.

Kostinakis K, Xystrakis F, Theodoropoulos K, Stathis D, Eleftheriadou E, Matzarakis A, 2011: Estimation of reference potential evapotranspiration with focus on vegetation science - the EmPEst software. J. Irrig. Drain. Eng., 137: 616-619.

Lin TP, Matzarakis A, 2011: Tourism-climate information based on human thermal perception in Eastern China and Taiwan. Tourism Management, 32: 492-500.

Lopes A, Lopes S, Matzarakis A, Alcoforado MJ, 2011: Summer sea breeze influence on human comfort during hot periods in Funchal (Madeira Island). Meteorologische Zeitschrift, 20: 553-564.

Maier M, Schack-Kirchner H, Hildebrand EE, Schindler D, 2011: Soil CO2 efflux vs. soil respiration: implications for flux models. Agric. For. Meteorol., 151, 1723-1730.

Matushek O, Matzarakis A, 2011: A mapping tool for climatological applications. Meteorological applications, 18: 230-237.

Matzarakis A, Matushek O, 2011: Sky View Factor as a parameter in applied climatoloy - Rapid estimation by the SkyHelios Model. Meteorologische Zeitschrift, 20: 39-45.

Matzarakis A, Nastos PT, 2011: Analysis of tourism potential for Crete island, Greece. Global NEST Journal, 13: 142-150.

Matzarakis A, Nastos PT, 2011: Human-biometeorological assessment of heat waves in Athens. Theor. Appl. Climatol., 105: 99-106.

Matzarakis A, Endler C, Nastos PT, 2011: Quantification of climate for tourism and recreation under climate change conditions - the example of Athens. Proceedings of the 12th Conference on Environmental Science and Technology, Rhodes, Grrece, 8-10 September 2011, A, 1182-1189.

Matzarakis A, Muther S, Koch E, 2011: Human-biometeorological evaluation of summer mortality in Vienna. Theor. Appl. Climatol., 105: 1-10.

Omonijo AG, Matzarakis A, 2011: Climate and bioclimate analysis of Ondo State, Nigeria. Meteorologische Zeitschrift, 20: 531-539.

Omonijo AG, Matzarakis A, Oguntoke A, Adeofun CO, 2011: Influence of Weather and Climate on Malaria occurence based on Human-Biometeorological Methods in Ondo State, Nigeria. J. Environ. Sc. Eng., 5: 1215-1228.

Omonijo AG, Oguktoke O, Matzarakis A, Adeofun CO, 2011: Analysis of weather related respiratory diseases in two eco-climatic zones in Nigeria. Afrika Physical Review, 5: 41-56.

Nastos PT, Kampanis NA, Giaouzaki KN, Matzarakis A, 2011: Environmental impacts on human health during a Saharan episode at Crete Island, Greece. Meteorologische Zeitschrift, 20: 517-529.

Neumann P, Matzarakis A, 2011: Viticulture in South West Germany under Climate change conditions - Application of the Huglin Index. Climate Research, 47: 161-169.

Shiue I, Matzarakis A, 2011: Climate and Tourism in the Hunter Region, Australia in the early 21st Century. Int. J. Biometeor., 55: 565-574.

Shiue I, Matzarakis A, 2011: When stroke epidimiology meets weather and climate: a heat exposure index from human biometeorology. Int. J. of Stroke, 6: 176.

Xystrakis F, Matzarakis A, 2011: Evaluation of 13 empirical Reference Potential Evapotranspiration equations on the Island of Crete in Southern Crete. J. Irrig. Drain. Eng., 137: 211-222.

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