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Publications 2013

Bauche JP, Grigorieva EA, Matzarakis A, 2013: Human-Biometeorological Assessment of Urban Structures in Extreme Climate Conditions: The example of Birobidzhan, Russian Far East. Advances in meteorology 2013, Article ID 749270, 10 pages.

Caliskan O, Türkoglu N, Matzarakis A, 2013: The effects of elevation on thermal bioclimate in Uludag (Turkey). Atmosfera, 26: 45-57. 

Cohen P, Potchter O, Matzarakis A, 2013: Human thermal perception of Coastal Mediterranean outdoor urban environments. Applied Geography, 37: 1-10. 

Charalampopoulos I, Tsiros I, Chronopoulou-Sereli A, Matzarakis A, 2013: Thermal bioclimate and urban planning in Freiburg - Examples based on urban spaces. Urban Ecosystems, 16: 217-233.

Fröhlich D, Matzarakis A, 2013: Thermal bioclimate and urban planning in Freiburg - Examples based on urban spaces. Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 111: 547-558. 

Goldberg V, Mayer H, Schindler D, Söhl D, Bernhofer C, 2013: Entwicklungen in der Forstlichen Meteorologie. promet 38, 69-79.

Gomez F, Perez Cueva A, Valcuende M, Matzarakis A, 2013: Research on ecological design to enhance comfort in open spaces of a city (Valencia, Spain). Utility of the physiological equilavent temperature (PET).Ecological Engineering, 57: 27-39.

Ketterer C, Ghasemi I, Bertram A, Reuter U, Rinke R, Kapp R, Matzarakis A, 2013: Veränderung des thermischen Bioklimas durch stadtplanische Umgestaltungen - Beispiel Stuttgart-West. Gefahrstoffe-Reinhaltung der Luft, 73: 323-329.

Lee H, Mayer H, 2013: Urban human-biometeorology supports urban planning to handle the challenge by increasing severe heat. Proceedings of PLEA 2013, No 4, 1-6.

Lee H, Mayer H, 2013: Bedeutung der urbanen Human-Biometeorologie für die Stadtplannung in der Herausforderung durch zunehmende Hitze. Deutsch-Österreichisch-Schweizerische Meteorologentagung DACH 2013, 2-6 September 2013, Innsbruck, Austria (In German)

Lee H, Mayer H, 2013: Potential of green for mitigating heat burden based on human energy balance. Proceedings of EKC 2013 EU-Korea Conference on Science and Technology, 24-26 July 2013, Brighton, U.K.

Lee H, Holst J, Mayer H, 2013: Modification of human-biometeorologically significant radiant flux densities by shading as local method to mitigate heat stress in summer within urban street canyons. Advances in meteorology 2013, Article ID 312572, 13 pages, DOI: 10.155/2013/312572

Matzarakis A, 2013: The dilemma in thermal comfort estimations in urban areas. In (Eds.) T Georgiadis, MA Lokoshchenko, Screti C, Vagnoli C. Two hundred years of urban meteorology in the heart of Florence. Proceedings of the International Conference on Urban Climate History of Meteorology, 3-11. 

Matzarakis A, 2013: Stadtklima vor dem Hintergrund des Klimawandels. Gefahrstoffe - Reinhaltung der Luft, 73: 115-118.

Matzarakis A, Rammelberg J, Junk J, 2013: Assessment of thermal bioclimate and tourism climate potential for Luxemburg. Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 114: 193-202.

Nastos PT, Giaouzaki KN, Kampanis NA, Matzarakis A, 2013: Acute coronary syndromes and biometeorological conditions at Crete Island, Greece. International Journal of Environmental Health Research, 23: 76-90.

Nastos PT, Matzarakis A, 2013: Human Bioclimatic Conditions, Trends and Variability in the Athens University Campus, Greece. Advances in Meteorology 2013, Article ID 976510, 8 pages.

Nastos PT, Matzarakis A, Nikolopoulou M, Lin TP, 2013: Advances in Urban Meteorology 2013. Article ID 727413, 3 pages.

Ndetto EL, Matzarakis A, 2013: Effects of Urban Configuration on Human-Thermal Conditions in a Typical Tropical African Coastal City. Advances in Meteorology 2013, Article ID 549096, 12 pages.

Ndetto EL, Matzarakis A, 2013: Basic analysis of climate and urban human bioclimate of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 114: 213-226.

Omonijo A, Adeofun CO, Oguntoke O, Matzarakis A, 2013: Relevance of thermal environment to human health: a case study of Ondo State, Nigeria. Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 113: 205-212.

Raspe S, Bastrup-Birk A, Fleck S, Weis W, Mayer H, Meesenburg H, Wagner M, Schindler D, Gartner K, 2013: Meteorology. In: Forest Monitoring Methods for terrestrial investigations in Europe with an overview of North America and Asia (eds.) Ferretti M, Fischer R. Elsevier, DOI: 10.1016/B978-0-08-09822 

Schindler D, Mayer H, 2013: Naturgefahren für die Wälder Europas: Winterstürme. promet, 38, 92-100.

Schindler D, Fugmann H, Mayer H, 2013: Analysis and simulation of dynamic response behavior of Scots pine trees to wind loading. Int. J. Biometeorol, 57: 819-833.

Schindler D, Schönborn J, Fugmann H, Mayer H, 2013: Responses of an individual deciduous broadleaved tree to wind excitation. Agr. For. Meteorol., 177: 69-82.

Yilmaz S, Irmak MA, Matzarakis A, 2013: The Importance of Thermal Comfort in Different Elevation for City Planning. Global NEST Journal, 15: 408-420.

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