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Publikationen 2017

Grau L, Jung C, Schindler D, 2017: On the Annual Cycle of Meteorological and Geographical Potential of Wind Energy: A Case Study from Southwest Germany. Sustainability, 9: 1169.

Jung C, Schindler D, 2017: Development of a statistical bivariate wind speed-wind shear model (WSWS) to quantify the height-dependent wind resource. Energy Conversion and Management, 149: 303-317.

Jung C, Schindler D, Buchholz A, Laible J, 2017: Global gust climate Evaluation considering its influence on wind turbines. Energies, 10: 1474.

Jung C, Schindler D, Laible J, Buchholz A, 2017: Introducing a system of wind speed distributions for modeling properties of wind speed regimes around the world. Energy Conversion and Management, 144: 181-192.

Jung C, Schindler D, 2017: Global comparison of the goodness-of-fit of wind speed distributions. Energy Conversion and Management, 133: 216-234.

Laemmel T, Mohr M, Schack-Kirchner H, Schindler D, Maier M, 2017: Direct observation of wind-induced pressure-pumping on gas transport in soil. Soil Science Society of America Journal. DOI: 10.2136/sssaj2017.01.0034.

Mohr M, Laemmel T, Maier M, Schindler D, 2017: Spatial variability of wind-induced air pressure fluctuations responsible for pressure pumping. Tellus B, 69:1, 1361757.

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