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The Chair in Environmental Meteorology is responsible for courses on meteorology and climatology in the B.Sc. programs in the Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources. We offer the B.Sc. minor in "Meteorology and Climatology" (in German). The Chair in Environmental Meteorology is further involved in the M.Sc. programs in Environmental Sciences, Hydrology and Renewable Energy Engineering and Management (REEM).

Our students are trained in fundamentals of atmospheric science and specific methods applied in meteorology and climatology in order to competently and responsibly address three of the biggest environmental challenges, and to work towards solutions of those:

Klimawandel Luftqualität Energiesicherung
Global climate change Improving air quality Sustainable energy production


In contrast to most degree programs in meteorology in Germany, which are targeted towards atmospheric sciences, weather forecasting and geophysics, our B.Sc. minor is oriented towards connections between ecological challenges and environmental meteorological.

An important focus of our training is the interaction between global climate change and the local- and microclimate. Nevertheless, we teach the basics of atmospheric sciences and methods to understand and determine relationships between weather, climate and the protection of water, resources, energy and food production.

This orientation of our programs fits courses offered by the faculty in Environmental Sciences, Geography, and Forest Sciences and prepares students to competently solve societal and environmental problems.