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Dr. Swen Metzger

Swen Metzger

Dr. Swen Metzger
Senior Scientist

Werthmannstrasse 10
79085 Freiburg
Raum 00 011

Phone +49 761 203 3585
ORCiD 0000-0002-3623-7160


Swen is a scientist, entrepreneur and pioneer. He studied Physics and Chemistry at the Universities of Heidelberg and Hamburg (Germany), Townsville (Australia), Utrecht (The Netherland - PhD in 2000), before he continued research at the University of Oldenburg. He has been a Max Planck researcher for many years, he has been at Fraunhofer ISE in Freiburg (Germany), Adjunct Associate Professor at The Cyprus Institute in Nicosia (Cyprus), and Partner at ag in Basel (Switzerland). He is founder of two start-ups, i.e., ResearchConcepts io GmbH (Freiburg) and AFB SolarTec Ltd (Nicosia). In September 2020 he additionally joined the "urbisphere" team of the Environmental Meteorology in the Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources of the University of Freiburg.


His main scientific contribution is on the absorption of water molecules by atmospheric aerosols (electrolytes / salt solutions), which is essential in order to understand how air pollution is linked with weather and climate. Since the mid 1990s, and till to date, he is developing numerical codes that are used in many modelling systems (e.g., at DLR, ECMWF, EMEP, MPG, NASA, RAMBOLL) to study the effects of air pollution and the interaction with climate change in the light of natural variability.