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Dr. Christopher Jung

Dr. Christopher Jung

Dr. Christopher Jung
Post-doctoral researcher

Werthmannstrasse 10
79085 Freiburg
Raum 00 007

Tel +49 761 203 6822
Fax +49 761 203 3586
ORCiD  0000-0001-5952-2610


Christopher Jung completed a B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences from 2009 to 2012 at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg. From 2012 to 2015 he graduated in the "M.Sc. Environmental Sciences " in Freiburg. Since 2015 he is doctoral research assistant at the Chair of Environmental Meteorology. He graduated in February 2018.

Area of research

Christopher Jung's research interest is in small-scale modeling of statistical properties of the near-surface airflow. The main objectives of his research are optimisation approaches for wind energy potential assessments and the reduction of windstorm risk in forests.


Articles in peer-reviewed journals

Conference contributions

  • Jung C, Schindler D, 2017: Global return Level estimation of the most severe tropical cyclones and European winter storms in the last decades. International Congress of Biometeorology 2017; Durham UK.
  • Schindler D, Jung C, 2017: Empirical modelling of forest storm damage in Southwest Germany. International Congress of Biometeorology 2017; Durham UK.
  • Albrecht A, Jung C, Schindler D, 2017: Testing correlations between modeled gust speed and empirical storm in Southwest German forests. 8th International conference on Wind and Trees; Boulder, CO.
  • Jung C, Schindler D, Albrecht AT, Buchholz A, 2015: The Role of Highly-Resolved Gust Speed in Simulations of Storm Damage in Forest at the Landscape Scale: A case Study from Southwest Germany. Mathematical Modelling of Wind Damage Risk to Forests 2015; Arcachon Frankreich.