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Marcel Gangwisch

Marcel Gangwisch
Marcel Gangwisch, M.Sc.

Doctoral student

Werthmannstrasse 10
79085 Freiburg

Tel +49 761 203 3590
ORCiD   0000-0001-6100-7108


Marcel Gangwisch completed his study about Computer Science from 2010 to 2014 at the University of Freiburg (Bachelor of Science). At the same time he studied in the bachelor degree course about Environmental Science with the minor subject "Meteorology and Climatology". Afterwards, in 2015, he began to study Environmental Science with the elective track environmental modelling and geographic information systems and completed in 2018 (Master of Science).
Since then, he is working as Research Scientist at the Research Centre Human Biometeorology (ZMMF) in Freiburg of the German Meteorological Service (DWD). In 2019 he started his doctoral research under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Andreas Matzarakis and Prof. Dr. Andreas Christen with collaboration of the Chair of Environmental Meteorology, University of Freiburg.


As part of his doctoral thesis in the field of urban human biometeorology, Gangwisch investigates the thermal impact of urban green infrastructure on the urban atmosphere and on human thermal perception. Therefore, an urban microscale model will be extented by a numeric module for computational fluid dynamics for mass and heat transfer in urban areas. The CFD module will be coupled to an energy balance model of the urban vegetation, to assess the spatial impact of tree-physiological processes (transpiration and photosynthesis).


Articles in peer-reviewed journals

Conference contributions

  • Matzarakis A, Fröhlich D, Gangwisch M, 2016: Effect of radiation and wind on thermal comfort in urban environments - Applications of the RayMan and SkyHelios model. 4th International Conference on Countermeasures to Urban Heat Island (Singapore), 1–12.
  • Matzarakis A, Fröhlich D, Gangwisch M, Ketterer C, Peer A, 2015: Developments and applications of thermal indices in urban structures by RayMan and SkyHelios model. 9th International Conference on Urban Climate (Toulouse, France), 1-6.