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M.Sc. Programs

The Chair of Environmental Meteorology offers a range of courses in the M.Sc. program "Renewable Energy Engineering and Management" REM (in English) and in the M.Sc. program in Environmental Sciences (in German or English). In both M.Sc. programs you can write a master's thesis at the Chair of Environmental Meteorology.

M.Sc. Renewable Energy Engineering and Management

The M.Sc. program in Renewable Energy Engineering and Management closes a strategic gap between technical aspects of renewable energy  engineering  and the vision of a sustainable development. International students are offered a context-sensitive training in the field of renewable energy technology. The REM program further includes courses on  management for practical business purposes and application-specific specializations in three different areas of renewable energy: energy system engineering, energy conversion, environmental planning and management.

The Chair of Environmental Meteorology contributes to courses in the REM program:

  • Coordinates the M.Sc. Module "Wind Energy".
  • Provides content on the fundamentals of solar and wind energy in the course "Natural Energy and Conversion Technologies".

M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences

The M.Sc. program in Environmental Sciences has the vision of an advanced and integrated education in environmental sciences, specifically soil science, geoscientific, climatological, biological and hydrological fundamentals, but also aims at technical methods and approaches towards solving environmental problems. The program acknowledges that sustainable solutions to environmental problems must include social sustainability, political, socio-economic and planning competencies are a component of the degree program.

The Chair of Environmental Meteorology is involved in courses on the fundamentals of climate change and process research on land-atmosphere interactions in the stream "Ecology of Global Change".